Plateau State College of Health Technology, Zawan


Proper training and exposure of students to the basic rudiments of Health Care practices to achieve the vision of the college.


To be the foremost institution of training qualified medical personnel to meet the demands of the World Health Organization (WHO) targets of Health for all by the year 2020 and beyond.

Welcome to this citadel of learning! An institution devoted to Excellence in the Promotion of Holistic Health. We are focused on producing well-groomed technical manpower in quality adequate to meet market demand in harmony with the policies of the Federal and State Ministries of Health and Education and thus facilitate (Research in) the delivery or Primary Health Care at all level.

The College values the development of personal and entrepreneur leaderships in every student. The core values of excellence, integrity and service lay the groundwork for the development of future community, regional, national and international leaders.

Your visit to our website will give many unique opportunities College of Health Technology offers, but there is no substitute for visiting our environmentally friendly campus and meeting the friendly, dedicated staff. I hope you will enjoy your visit.